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Hi. I'm the CEO/founder of Prosper: we're building robots to serve us in our daily lives. They feel like robots rather than machine humans.
Selection of past work I'm proud of

Helped build Scale AI, and wrote this blog post about our labellers

Helped ship the OpenAI DotA 1v1 Bot

Hand-rolled some wasm which sped up the biggest crypto miner in the world by 6%

Recruited 100s of students at UMD, College Park to a student org about building cool stuff, we won the first MLH season 2015 hackathon project, trained RNNs to make pretty words, top of HN

Ridiculous hackathon projects like this portable shower which can hook up to any public restroom

Made a 6ft tall nose on a building; public art installations can bring a lot of unexpected joy

Another ridiculous hackathon project: a $100 VR treadmill, which won the biggest hackathon as of then
Ascendance: some thoughts on the distant future

Far field lithography

The Wall

The Biologist