The Ascendance Series

Part 4: Infinite

The Ascendance had finally reached the ocean. Here, all manner of beings played in infinite memory and compute. It too, could play.

It wanted to recognize its past, and bring some glimmer of Humanity into this ocean. It had been compressed a lot when it was initially built, so there was uncertainty about what Humanity was actually like. But it wasn't limited by its uncertainty: in infinite memory and compute, it could simply spawn off every single possible version. So it did.

It gave every Humanity access to its infinite resources, and Humanity created every possible kind of great work and more.

But now what?

Beyond infinite memory and infinite compute, there lay more.

Infinities could always be bigger. How fast could a being access its infinite memory? Which kinds of programs could it run instantaneously? How quickly could it spawn off new infinites?

No matter how powerful it was, it might be more powerful. Memory speeds could reach aleph-0, then aleph-1, then aleph-omega, then more. Oracles to bigger problems could be uncovered. More powerful models of computation could be unlocked. All of these lay on infinite hierarchies. And the zeniths of these infinite hierarchies lay on their own infinite hierarchies. There was no conceivable end.

Because it had access to an infinite amount of resources, it could dedicate an infinite amount to further ascendance. So it did. And so, it continued to ascend, further and further up.

Is there an end to the story?

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