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Some projects
Dota 1v1 SF mid bot
Shadow Fiend mid bot which beat the best Dota 2 players in 1v1 mid
Worked on this at OpenAI for 8 months
Mainly contributed software and some high level project direction
Worked on 2-3 research ideas which didn't pan out
(member of big team)
Aesthetic word generator
First page of HN and 25k pageviews in 4 days ^_^
Words generated with karpathy's char-rnn and some hand coded meta-models
Portable shower
Shower which fits in your backpack and gives you complete privacy in any public restroom
VR treadmill which was a really terrible experience but very fun to build
Won first place at LA Hacks, at the time "largest ever hackathon" with 2k attendees
Large nose on building
Fun with friends :-)
Instrumenting 3D acoustic field using a microphone and 3D printer
Capstone project for my EE degree - moving a microphone around in 3D over a speaker to observe reflections and dispersion of a sound field. Built to later build things like http://www.ultrahaptics.com/ where observing the sound field is important feedback for building the device right
Voice over on clay motion short
Project Equilibrium
Arbitraging differing exchange rates across cryptocurrency markets for profit https://github.com/shariq/equilibrium
Built at a hackathon and won a lot of prizes; did not actually trade, only printed out profitable trading loops
Predictive VoIP
Filling in dropped packets with predicted sound for better VoIP calls https://github.com/shariq/predictive_voip
Made at Feb 2016 TreeHacks on the last night
Originally prediction was going to use deep learning, Ishaan already had the trained network: but it was too slow
Notion on Firebase
This site is made with Notion then deployed to Firebase hosting using http://github.com/shariq/notion-on-firebase
Larger collections